the avarage bgtuber

  • As you might know, pretty much every single bgtuber is the same, a copy and paste, here i will try to list everything the avarage bgtuber does/has, i will update this if i find more


    • only plays bedwars, doesn't focus/plays any other game
    • has the same music (tough this is respectable cause copyright)
    • abuses gcubes and mvp+
    • over saturates videos with cringe memes (i believe this is specific to mattsun tough, correct me if wrong)
    • (probably) Makes cringe music videos


    • has a cringe intro, the name of their channel moving in cringy and exagerated ways, has a boring and over used neon black background, and is totally original

    • thumbnails have spammed mvp+ signs, gcubes 9999 signs, and cringe

    • their avatar is no original: has to use two of these at the same time: demon horns, halo, or flaming skull.

    • their avatar is a easy clone of mattsun or amaan avatar, no originality.

    • uses the same usually cringy tittle

  • in summary:

    -only plays bed wars
    -cringe gaming intro
    -clickbait thumbnails and titles (like OMG NEW FREE 999+ GCUBES GIFT IN BED WARS!!1!!!11!!!111)
    -floods his videos with cringe and ded memes every 0.000000000000000001 seconds
    -""""""""""""""""""""funny"""""""""""""""""" moments
    -his channel name ends with BG
    -abuses gcubes
    -puts the superhero song on EVERY VIDEO
    -unoriginal avatar

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