I forgot my password

  • I forgot my password my username is Realistic_Josxn2 and my id is 1438587264 i was faking im gonna quit then bad things happen my phone was broken by me because i accidentally throw my phone because of rage i always lost so my mom bougth me new phone i cant touch the screen of my broken phone my phone have a screen password so i cant open it my account has a 69k kills i only know that and my account connecting to my google account so i forgot it please back my account i remember my email is have a name of jacendasco then i forgot the whole email so please i create a new google account my name of my new google account is kazukinaru31@gmail.com so please send me a message to back my account ty

  • Interns

    pls try acc recovery form in bg with details of
    ur id
    ur olden passwords
    GPA number if u ever top uped
    name and id of some freinds
    last logined date
    last played game
    frequent played games
    and ur username
    pls dont give these details here if u leak these details some who is seeing this mesages can hack u put thesed details in bg app and there is option of acc recovery in the login page if u have any doubt or problem pls reply to this post and ask

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