Some Random Suggestion Based On My Experience..

  • Well... In "ALMOST" every bedwars match I go and kill a player who is pro,have max runes and also is on high rank like "prince if obsidian" or "dragon slayer" or "dragon hunter"
    [ even noobs nowadays ]
    they start swearing...most of them know that when they type abuses in chat it becomes "" so they use short forms like.... If you've ever met a toxic player you would know.
    I don't wanna swear to tell the short forms
    And it's not like 1 time I meet such toxics, I 80% meet them in bedwars some if them also send me friend requests like "u noob" or something like that, and I really don't think I'm wrong but the "GCUBES" thingy they use for swearing, example "u NOOB, u just used hacks u don't even have gcubes" and I can't like always report them continuously! Some RanDom guy was swearing cuz I'm girl and I just can't always take screenshots my 70% phone data storage is of toxic players! As I delete the ss, the exact next day I meet a toxic,
    So, I wanted to say that.... Whenever someone types "swears" in the chat [ in any game ] ....i mean like in "roblox" when someone swears in the game the words even the short forms turn "
    " or "##" or the don't get send, can u even do this for blockmango?
    I recently met a toxic, it really doesn't seem okay, like kids also play here... They must not read those "swears" ppl use they r too bad for them... 😓

  • whats ur username in bedwars

  • @cubonew696988 I'm Blockmango-

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