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Account Recovery

please untie the login mail I spent 5 thousand rubles and almost 1300 hours on acc

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This is the place where you can send us your suggestions and reports.

Pls trust me

Pls reply I want my account back pls

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Blog posts from individual members

Items Which you cant get them

i know but from where people get them?

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This is the place where you can share your fan art with the community. We will select one artwork in each section(image, video, meme) every week and post them on our social media accounts. Winners will aslo get 50 g-cubes reward.

Who is More Pro?

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I have 20 more subscribers but it is very difficult to edit videos, can you give me admin or bgTuber?

What you whant? If you whant GStar Code then, the requirements for gstar code is changed and now you need 100k subscribers to get gstar code on Blockman Go..

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@PirateXPGamerBG2 said in BG MODERATOR:

@NotXx_T3rr0r_xX means i cant become interns

blue team does not need any more help right now

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My journey in Blockman Go and it's fall (Mid 2018-2022)

Hello there. It's been a long time since I joined BG, 3 and a half years to be precise.
Here's my journey..
I was 12 back then, I was looking for a game in the play store and then I found this game, I liked the idea of multiple minigames so I installed the game and started playing, at launch I was greeted with a brown-ish UI, some how gave me the nostalgic vibe. I registered and started playing some games, my first game was eggwars. I wasn't really aware of bedwars. Spent the half year playing eggwars and other parkour games.
I jumped into the world of bedwars, An awesome friendly community, I met my first couple of friends there, unfortunately they quitted. My first match was really easy. I started playing more bedwars and eventually became a good player. All my matches were going good, these 2 years were the best. I also found games like rainbow parkour and hide and seek (1 and 2).I started playing more bg during the lockdown and stuff.
This year introduced the brand new UI for blockmango. It also introduced region update. Which broke many friendships, after that came zeff's hacks, the community was filled with hackers and gcube abusers, beginners and ppl who play bg casually had no choice but to quit. The community just started falling apart. Hackers and gcube abusers eventually ruined the community. Then came blockmango adventures, I was just forced to quit the bedwars community. I was back to eggwars and other games.
This year had UGO waiting for us Bg players started migrating and it was just salt on the wound..
Today, I quitted Blockman Go.
This was my journey in BG.
The game was awesome, but the creators made terrible choices. Goodbye,Blockman GO. You gave me many good memories

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